Business’ Biggest Secret

Lianne Yu

Research shows the advantages of revealing everyone’s salaries, but local companies don’t do it. In fact, few organizations anywhere are salary transparent. Women are among the biggest losers. Dane Atkinson used to be the kind of startup CEO that board members praised because he attracted top-notch talent while saving money. Certain candidates were just not Read the full article…

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A Better Way

Ilima Loomis

Tracey Wiltgen remembers the friend who was building his dream home. He’d hired a contractor and was excited to get started. But a few months into the project, the dream turned into a nightmare. There was a building boom going on, and the contractor was falling further and further behind schedule as he focused his Read the full article…

Photo courtesy of Texaco.

New Name, But Gas the Same

Noelle Fujii

Hawaii consumers can be loyal shoppers, so it’s a risk when a company changes from a popular brand to a new one. But Island Energy Services LLC took the plunge, and its third-party research indicates customers will keep coming. “Chevron has had the leading market share in Hawaii for a long time. And we’re looking Read the full article…

Photo by David Croxford.

How to Fix the Honolulu Zoo

Tiffany Hill

If you grew up in Hawaii, chances are you’ve seen these exotic animals during a family visit or class field trip. And, if you’ve come back as an adult, a visit to Hawaii’s only zoo might have felt strangely similar to your earlier visits. Fluctuating funding and unstable management have hindered progress, making the zoo Read the full article…