Photo by: Kent Nishimura

Parting Shot: 107 Years of Eggs on Oahu

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Fourth-generation chicken farmer Chris Peterson inspects eggs over the candler, part of a machine that checks egg fertility and shell quality. The machine is crucial in handling the around 6,800 eggs per day from over 7,000 chickens at Petersons’ Upland Farm. The Wahiawa farm has been helping feed Oahu residents since 1910. Drop by the Read the full article…

Business Trends , October 2017
October, 2017
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Our Kakaako: Connecting People and Place

Dena R. Tomlinson, Contributing Editor | Liz Barney & Cheryl Tsutsumi, Contributing Writers

Contents Letters Services Food Retail Development         Kakaako: The People’s Place Kakaako has lived many lives. Before grey industrial complexes squared the streets there were families and communities—diverse immigrant camps sharing culture, food and stories—and, even before then, there were fishing villages, salt ponds and the ancient beauty of an unburdened night Read the full article…

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SmallBiz: Your Meal Began Here

by Amy Quintal-Rudman | photography by Aaron K. Yoshino

Hawaii’s Biggest Cooking School Just Got Bigger Food is at the heart of local culture. Whether we prepare, serve or simply eat it, food lets us show affection, support and sympathy for those closest to us. Those are big reasons that so many young people choose careers in food service and begin their training at Read the full article…


LocalKineBiz: The Original Hawaiian Slippah

by Jackie M. Young | photography by Kent Nishimura

The Scott name has long been associated with footwear. “I went online and found out my ancestor, Pembroke Scott, worked in a shoe factory in the 1800s in Massachusetts,” says Steve Scott, CEO and owner of Scott Hawaii. “My grandfather, Randall Scott, owned a footwear company in the 1920s in Philadelphia, and then in Glendale, Read the full article…

Business Trends , October 2017
October, 2017

Death by Amazon? Not in Hawaii

by Jordan Virtue

If national news reports are any indication, retailers should all hunker down for the impending Mall Armageddon. Myriad online headlines foretell the imminent doomsday: “The Great Retail Apocalypse of 2017,” “Malls Are Doomed,” and “The Retail Bubble Has Now Burst” are just a few. A Credit Suisse report in May predicted 20 to 25 percent Read the full article…

Business Trends , October 2017
October, 2017

Endangered and Underfunded

by Timothy A. Schuler | photography by Elyse Butler Mallams

“WHAT MAKES HAWAII MORE THAN YOUR PLANTS AND YOUR ENVIRONMENT?” Nellie Sugii asks rhetorically. We’re standing in the downstairs room of the micropropagation laboratory at the Harold L. Lyon Arboretum in Manoa, where Sugii manages the Hawaiian Rare Plant Program. The room is full of test tubes. Inside, tiny clones of some of Hawaii’s most Read the full article…