Your Office is Changing

It may look a lot different when – or if – you come back. Furniture and accessory suppliers offer advice on how to plan for those changes, and companies discuss how they are evolving operations.

5 Tips for Working From Home

Hawaii Business Magazine’s “Careerist” columnist also offers bonus tips for Hawai‘i’s working parents Amid the COVID-19 crisis, millions of Americans are joining the 5% of the workforce that’s already working from home. On the silver-lining side, it’s an opportunity for…

Rescue By Land and By Sea

Name: Garrett Barker Age: 35 Job: Lieutenant Commander, MH-65 Dolphin helicopter pilot, U.S. Coast Guard Beginnings: Barker was born in Dallas and grew up nearby. “My house was located along a military flight training route and I regularly saw fighter…

How to Increase Visitor Spending

Millions of tourists come to Hawai‘i and venture beyond the resort areas – crowding our parks, beaches, hiking trails, roads and more. But in 2019, total inflation-adjusted visitor spending actually declined, which means there was no extra money to fix this worn infrastructure. Here are three ways to turn that problem around.

Healthy Meals Made Easy

Good Clean Food Hawaii helps busy people avoid the fast-food trap by delivering nutritious, ready-to-heat meals to their homes, offices or gyms Over the weekend at a Kailua commercial kitchen, Janelle Bremer oversaw the cutting, cooking and packaging of 160…

The Downtown Honolulu Parking Guide

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Voluntourism in Hawaiʻi

The opportunities for tourists to volunteer are growing along with the demand for those opportunities. From beach cleanups to cultural exchanges, forest conservation to farm stays, visitors are looking for experiences that are authentic, intimate and altruistic.