BizWiz: Payment-Processing Options

Nikolaus Daubert, VP, Director of Deposit Operations Hawaii National Bank

Q: With new technologies and chip-card requirements, how do I choose the best payment-processing solution for my business, keep costs down and maintain security? A: Although it can seem overwhelming to choose among the numerous payment-processing options on the market today, a few simple guidelines can help you get the most from every transaction. EVALUATE Read the full article…

August 2017 , Finance , Small Business
October, 2017
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5 Steps to a Lasting Legacy

Curtis Saiki

A charitable gift annuity provides a meaningful gift to charity while improving your financial situation in two ways for the rest of your life: a steady stream of income and tax benefits. More important, you create a lasting legacy in your community. Curtis Saiki, VP of philanthropy and general counsel for the Hawaii Community Foundation, Read the full article…

Finance , June 2017 , Nonprofits
June, 2017

Rent or Buy?

Ilima Loomis

Trade her peaceful rental on 2 acres in rural Maui for a condo of her very own? No thanks. Over the 30 years she has lived in the Islands, Lori has owned homes and could afford to do so again, but she says the decision to remain a renter was easy. For $1,400 a month Read the full article…

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May, 2017
Ten years strong: Accuity LLP 2016.

Accuity LLP Celebrates a Decade of Dedication to the Community and to its People

Hawaii Business magazine

We Did It For Our People, Clients and Their Families Accuity, as it celebrates its 10 year anniversary continues to keep local people employed. A decade ago, after doing business in Hawaii for 55 years, the global professional services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC) was closing their office in the 50th State. Over 70 Hawaii residents Read the full article…