Hawaii On the Hill

Dennis Hollier, Washington Correspondent

It makes sense for the leaders of local small businesses and county governments to fly 4,800 miles every year to visit a hill. That’s because when you are on Capitol Hill, there are opportunities all around you. “As of today,” says Kauai mayor Bernard Carvalho, his voice reaching a crescendo, “I can announce that the Read the full article…


Parting Shot: Survival Training

Hawaii Business magazine

A solder with gear, plunges into the 15-foot section of Richardson Pool from the 16-foot high dive as part of survival training. The soldier is then required to swim to the shallow end of the pool. The training is conducted routinely and is required for all soldiers in the 325th Brigade Support Battalion “Mustangs,” 3rd Read the full article…

Careers , Government , May 2017
May, 2017
Illustration: Lankogal / Shuttershock.com. Photograph by Cameron Brooks.

Trump’s Effect on Hawaii

Dennis Hollier, Washington Correspondent

Interviewed for this story are the four members of Hawaii’s congressional delegation, all Democrats: Sen. Mazie Hirono Sen. Brian Schatz Rep. Colleen Hanabusa Rep. Tulsi Gabbard FIVE RISKS 1 OBAMACARE One of the biggest changes proposed by President Trump is a repeal of the Affordable Care Act, with no specific replacement yet agreed upon. An Read the full article…


Parting Shot: “Big Stick” Heads to Sea

Hawaii Business magazine

We love this picture, but it took a while for the Navy to give us permission to publish it. It shows the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt leaving Pearl Harbor in November 2015, piloted by harbor pilot Captain Jason Stephens and escorted by Tiger Tug 2. The ship’s nickname, “Big Stick,” refers to President Roosevelt’s Read the full article…

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February, 2017
Hawaii Biotech is working on a vaccine to protect against Zika. Here, Dr. Jaime Horton and vaccine research director David Clements study bacterial colonies on a petri plate. Photography by Aaron K. Yoshino

Tracing a Virus

Tiffany Hill

This summer was a blur for Sarah Park, who is the state epidemiologist and head of the Department of Health’s Disease Outbreak Control Division. Each year, an average of 10 Hawaii residents contract Hepatitis A, which is considered a normal rate for the size of the state’s population. But, by the middle of June, the Read the full article…

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November, 2016