Making Koa Sustainable

The native tree is a vital part of Hawaiʻi's forests and watersheds, and prized by woodworkers and by Hawaiian cultural practitioners. The challenge is making koa sustainable for all of its valuable roles. Video by Jeff Hawe Koa has…

How to Increase Visitor Spending

Millions of tourists come to Hawai‘i and venture beyond the resort areas – crowding our parks, beaches, hiking trails, roads and more. But in 2019, total inflation-adjusted visitor spending actually declined, which means there was no extra money to fix this worn infrastructure. Here are three ways to turn that problem around.

A New Way for Electricity

The business model for electric utilities is almost 100 years old. Some energy experts say Hawai‘i is a pioneer in creating a 21st century business model that will mean more clean energy, lower rates, greater efficiency and better customer service.…

Green Hawaii 2019

The path toward sustainability starts with each of us. OUR MESSAGE IN GREEN HAWAII SIMPLE: The path toward sustainability starts with each of us. A business, nonprofit organization, family and individual can each do their part to promote a greener…

Voluntourism in Hawaiʻi

The opportunities for tourists to volunteer are growing along with the demand for those opportunities. From beach cleanups to cultural exchanges, forest conservation to farm stays, visitors are looking for experiences that are authentic, intimate and altruistic.