20 for the Next 20 2017: Hawaii’s People to Watch

Each year, Hawaii Business recognizes 20 people who we believe will have a major impact on Hawaii over the next two decades.

They have already proven themselves by their accomplishments, intelligence, charisma, leadership and passion, but we expect even more from them in the future. They come from all walks of life: the business community, nonprofits and government. See below to learn more about the 2017 cohort.

(sorted alphabetical by last name, left-to-right)

CariannLoo_2020-HEADSHOT LorraineAkiba_2020-HEADSHOT MaxineBurkett_2020-HEADSHOT BrianDote_2020-HEADSHOT
Cariann Ah Loo Lorraine Akiba Maxine Burkett Brian Dote
JasonEspero_2020-HEADSHOT ElisiaFlores_2020-HEADSHOT DanGluck_2020-HEADSHOT SamGon_2020-HEADSHOT
Jason Espero Elisia Flores Dan Gluck Samuel M.
KameaHadar_2020-HEADSHOT JenniferHee_2020-HEADSHOT DannaHolck_2020-HEADSHOT KapuaMedeiros_2020-HEADSHOT
Kamea Hadar Jennifer Oyer Danna Holck
Kapua Medeiros
JamesMoniz_2020-HEADSHOT DavidMorimoto_2020-HEADSHOT TimMotts_2020-HEADSHOT JustinPark_2020-HEADSHOT
James Moniz David Morimoto
Tim Motts
Justin Park
SheldonSimeon_2020-HEADSHOT MikeStollar_2020-HEADSHOT TarikSultan_2020-HEADSHOT SunshineTopping_2020-HEADSHOT
Sheldon Simeon
Michael Stollar
Tarik Sultan Sunshine Topping











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