Author: Chavonnie Ramos

Read About Past CEOs of the Year

Recent honorees include Micah Kāne, Bettina Mehnert, Mark Fukunaga, and Bob Harrison. Earlier CEOs successfully led Hawaiian Airlines, Hawaiian Telcom and Central Pacific Bank out of bankruptcies.

Your Office is Changing

It may look a lot different when – or if – you come back. Furniture and accessory suppliers offer advice on how to plan for those changes, and companies discuss how they are evolving operations.

Thousands of Local Jobs Available, Chamber Says

The overall Hawai‘i economy may be stalled, but some organizations are hiring – and not just in health care and home deliveries. About 14,000 jobs are available in Hawaiʻi, says Sherry Menor-McNamara, president and CEO of the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii.…

Amply Makes It Easier for Fleets to Convert to Electric Vehicles

Startup profile No. 4 covering Elemental Excelerator’s latest cohort. Amply, part of Elemental Excelerator’s latest cohort, aims to remove one of the biggest challenges that fleet operators face when switching to electric-powered vehicles. “If you’re doing electric-vehicle charging, it’s a…

Blue Ocean Barns Fights Climate Change with Seaweed

Startup profile No. 1 covering Elemental Excelerator’s latest cohort. Cattle are a major source of methane, but Blue Ocean Barns says its seaweed-based feed additive for cows will reduce their formation and emission of that powerful greenhouse gas. “Blue Ocean…