Health & Wellness – March 23, 2020

Advice on Coping with the COVID-19 Crisis

“Coping with COVID-19” is a collection of new articles and interviews from Hawaii Business Magazine updated every weekday and designed to help local businesses and nonprofits during these difficult times. Included are insights from the leaders of some of Hawai‘i’s most successful companies.


Insurance Shake-Up in Hawai‘i




Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Bob Lietzke, VP, Booz Allen Hamilton



Teaching in a New World: Baldwin-Kekaulike-Maui Complex Area



Small Business/Big Challenges: Chris Pfisterer, Co-Owner, Nalu Health Bar



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Dean Hirata, President of ʻIke and CEO of ʻEkahi Health



5 Steps to Reposition Yourself Now




Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Gina Cubero, Sales and Marketing Specialist, Ulu Hawaii Marketing



Teaching in a New World: Queen Emma Ballet




Challenges Facing Nonprofits: Hawaii Data Collaborative



Teaching in a New World: Campbell-Kapolei Complex Area



High School Seniors on Kaua‘i Face Disappointment and Uncertainty



Virtual Interview on COVID-19 with Unyong Nakata of Y. Hata & Co., Ltd.



Challenges Facing Nonprofits: Hawaii Bicycling League



Small Business/Big Challenge: Debbie Ah Chick-Hopkins, Co-owner, Global Village



Challenges Facing Nonprofits: Make a Wish Foundation



Small Business/Big Challenge: Marion Girardin, Co-owner, Belle Surf Café



Teaching in a New World: St. Andrew’s Schools



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Breana Grosz, GM, International Market Place



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Travis Ito, Chief Amazement Officer, Blue Logic Labs



Small Business/Big Challenges: Jared Kushi, Koosh Media



Small Business/Big Challenge: Devin Tryan, Co-Owner, HI Climb



Small Business/Big Challenges: Marion Ano, Founder and Owner, Kilo Books



Small Business/Big Challenges: Benny Neumann, Co-owner, Crosscourt Hawaii



Building Resilience in Hawai‘i Before the Next Crisis



Small Business/Big Challenge: Jason Ikaika Nurre, Co-Owner, Marina Florist



Challenges Facing Nonprofits: Wahiawā Health



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Howard Lee, President and CEO, UHA Health



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: John Sukup, Founder & Principal Consultant, Expected X



Maui Students Disappointed but Hopeful




Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Sherry Menor-McNamara, President & CEO, Chamber of Commerce



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Micah Chinen, Sr. Account Executive, Gravity Payments Hawaii



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Alex Bitoun, CEO, HealthPersonas



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Murray Clay, President, Ulupono Initiative



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Axel Hollanda, Co-Founder & CEO, Aloha Pay, Inc.




Challenges Facing Nonprofits: Purple Mai‘a




Challenges Facing Nonprofits: Hawaii Youth Symphony



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Alex Bitoun, CEO, Sagely




Teaching in a New World: Montessori Community School



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Joann Seery, Executive Director for BNI Hawaii



Small Business/Big Challenges: Monty Pereira, GM & Sales and Marketing Director, Watanabe Floral Inc.



Challenges Facing Nonprofits: AccesSurf




Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Patsy Saiki, Hawaii State Manager, First American Title



Challenges Facing Nonprofits: Maui Behavioral Health Resources



Small Business/Big Challenge: Beth Hood, Owner, Websites with Aloha



Challenges Facing Nonprofits: Education Incubator



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Scott MacKinnon, Managing Partner, M4



Challenges Facing Nonprofits: Touch A Heart




Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Ernesto Valentin, President, Modtech Solutions LLC



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Adventist Health Castle



Teaching in a New World: Chaminade University



Teaching in a New World: University of Hawaiʻi-West Oʻahu



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: J. Kainoa Tabar, Attorney at Law



Small Business/Big Challenges: Zak Barry, Co-founder, Banán



How to Get Startup Paradise to the Next Level



First Insurance’s CEO Discusses Insurance Coverage, Government Response and the Way Forward



UH Mānoa Seniors Finishing University with Disappointments and Anxiety



Challenges Facing Nonprofits: Helping Hands Hawai‘i



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Michael S. Yasui, President & CEO, CEI Hawaii – Corporate Environments International LLC



Challenges Facing Nonprofits: Pacific Health Ministry



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Marie Imanaka, Market Manager, PrimeLending



How to Support the Well-being of Your Employees in a Changed World



E-Wisdom for Hawai‘i’s E-Commerce Newbies




College Seniors’ Last Year Cut Short by COVID-19



Virtual Interview: David Yutaka Ige, Governor, State of Hawai‘i



E-Commerce is the Present and Future for Hawai‘i Retailers



How to Effectively Manage a Newly Remote Workforce



Teaching in a New World: West Hawaii Explorations Academy



Small Business/Big Challenges: Brian Foster, President, Island Olive Oil Co.



Teaching in a New World: Damien Memorial School



Small Business/Big Challenges: Renée Tillotson, Director and Founder, Still & Moving Center



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: George Pasha, President and CEO, Pasha Hawaii



Turn Your Rent Renegotiation into an Honest Give-and-Take, Not a Tug of War



Legal Issues About Keeping Workers Healthy Amid COVID-19



Post-Graduation Plans Upended for UH Hilo Seniors



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Travis R. Colbert, Vice President, GM, Aloha Air Cargo



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Matt Ganser, Executive VP of Engineering & Technology, Carbon Lighthouse



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Mark Hollander, CEO, Crazy Shirts



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Piia M. Aarma, Founder and President, Pineapple Tweed Public Relations and Marketing



High School Student Athletes’ Present and Future Disrupted by COVID-19



Challenges Facing Nonprofits: American Heart Association Hawai‘i Division



Challenges Facing Nonprofits: Family Promise of Hawai‘i



Small Business/Big Challenges: Mylen Yamamoto, Founder & Owner, Cropsticks



Challenges Facing Nonprofits: Friends of the Waikīkī Aquarium



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Tracy Bradley, President, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Hawai‘i Realty



Teaching in a New World: Holy Family Catholic Academy & Early Learning Center



Taking Hawai‘i’s Pulse on Important Non-Covid-19 Issues



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Roseann Freitas, Marketplace Manager Hawaii, Better Business Bureau Northwest + Pacific



Small Business/Big Challenges: Jason Golden, Founder & Managing Partner, Beach Day Hawai‘i



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Michael Palmer, General Manager, The Street Food Hall



Small Business/Big Challenges: Jake Muise, Partner, Maui Nui Venison



Hawai‘i’s Retail Businesses: Most Pessimism in More than a Decade



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Marc E. Rousseau, Partner, Cades Schutte, LLP



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Ben Robinson, Owner, IP Xpert of Honolulu



Challenges Facing Nonprofits: Lunalilo Home




Challenges Facing Nonprofits: University Health Partners of Hawai‘i



No Quick Recovery, Say Hawai‘i’s Business Leaders



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Tim Lee, CEO, JL Capital



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Tim Lee, CEO, JL Capital



Graduating Into Uncertainty – Part II




Hawai‘i Companies Explain How They Scrambled to Cope with COVID



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Laurie Steelsmith, Medical Director, Steelsmith Natural Health Center



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Sanjay Mirchandani, Owner, Talent HR Solutions



Challenges Facing Nonprofits: Patsy T. Mink Center for Business & Leadership



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Doug Simons, Executive Director, Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope



COVID-19 Crisis Disrupts College Plans, Learning and Much More for High School Seniors



BOSS Survey of 404 Local Executives Shows Optimism Crushed



Challenges Facing Nonprofits: Hawaii Technology Academy (Public Charter School)



Challenges Facing Nonprofits: Mānoa Heritage Center



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Jaco Van Delden, Owner, Jaco Rehab



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Andrew Rosen, President, SummitMedia Hawai‘i



What Hawai‘i Residents Think About the Crisis – Part III



Small Business/Big Challenges: Thomas Walker, Founder and Owner, ‘Ohana Nui



Small Business/Big Challenges: Lana Penaroza, Owner, Tag Aloha Co.



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Emily Latimer, Owner, Loihi Consulting



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Ashley Mariko Johnson, Founder & Owner, Mohala Eyewear



What Hawai‘i Residents Think About the Crisis – Part II



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Kurt Nielsen, President, eMortgage Hawaii



Small Business/Big Challenges: Maribel Avery, Founder & CEO, 808Nanny



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Mike Formby, Executive Director, Pacific Resource Partnership



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Bob Johnston, President and CEO, Hawaii Pacific Solar



Small Business/Big Challenges: Mahina Paishon-Duarte, Managing Partner & Co-founder, Waiwai Collective



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Elliot Parks, Ph.D., CEO and President, Hawaii Biotech, Inc.



What Hawai‘i Residents Think About the Crisis – Part I



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Ryan Kalei Tsuji, President And CEO, RKT Media Hawaii



Challenges Facing Nonprofits: Center for Tomorrow’s Leaders



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Jason Fujimoto, President & CEO, HPM Building Supply



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Matthew Delaney, CEO & President, HiAccounting



Challenges Facing Nonprofits: Honolulu Biennial Foundation



The Future of Hawai‘i Health Care Is Now – Part II



What Local Small Businesses Need to Know about How to Collect and Use Data



Challenges Facing Nonprofits: Samaritan Counseling Center Hawaii



Challenges Facing Nonprofits: Hawai‘i Children’s Action Network



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Todd Robertson, President/CEO, Hyperspective



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Matt Delaney, President & CEO, HiGroup



Challenges Facing Nonprofits: Re-use Hawai‘i




The Future of Hawai‘i Health Care Is Now – Part I



Q&A on the Local Construction Industry



UPDATED WEEKDAYS: COVID-19 video chat supported by the Hawai‘i Executive Collaborative  




Challenges Facing Nonprofits: Hawaiian Humane Society



Challenges Facing Nonprofits: Hawai‘i Nature Center



Small Business/Big Challenges: Dan O’Connell, Owner, The Wine Shop Kauai



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Andrew Rosen, President & CEO, Hawaii State Federal Credit Union



Small Business/Big Challenges: Connie Koi, GM, Punalu‘u Bake Shop



Challenges Facing Nonprofits: Lisa Maruyama, President and CEO, Hawaii Alliance of Nonprofit Organizations



Small Business/Big Challenges: Desirée Watson, President, Hawaii Workplace



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Elisia Flores, CEO, L&L Hawaii Barbecue



Nonprofit Virtual Interview: Connie Mitchell, CEO, IHS (Institute for Human Services)


How Can You Help, graphic


UPDATED: How Can You Help?




Hawai‘i Coworking Spaces Reinvent Themselves



How the Board of Directors Can Get a Company Through the COVID Crisis



Small Business/Big Challenges: Forest Frizzell, CEO, Shifted Energy



Small Business/Big Challenges: Garrett Carson, President, Weddings of Hawaii



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Christine Lanning, President, Integrated Security Technologies Inc.



Harry Kim Talks About How Hawai‘i County is Supporting Local Businesses



Effectively Branding Your Company Now




Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Rich Bettini, President and CEO, Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center



Small Business/Big Challenges: Aletha Thomas, Founder and Owner, Monkeypod Jam



Small Business/Big Challenges: Tracy L.J. Lawson, President & Founder, Lawson & Associates Inc.



How to Sell Amid COVID-19




Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Barron Guss, CEO, Altres and simplicityHR



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Tiffany Huynh, Director of External Affairs, Elemental Excelerator



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Faith Geronimo, President & CEO, Hawaii Information Service



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Kristen Thario, Publisher/Owner of BigIslandPulse.com



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Brian Kealoha, Executive Director, Hawai‘i Energy



Virtual Interview on COVID-19: Paul Yokota, President, FCH Enterprises Inc./Zippy’s Restaurants